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3 Steps to Check a Multiple Watch Winder Accuracy and Set It Correctly

There are several ways to check whether your multiple watch winder works correctly or not. Checking this product is crucial to ensure that it spins your watches accurately. Use the multiple watch winder guides below to check the watch winder. 

Place the Watch in the Winder 

Place the watch in the winder to operate it. Ensure that you have turned the crown 20 to 30 to wind the watches manually. Put the watches on the holder and adjust the TPD to its lowest setting. Select bi-directional rotation mode and turn the winder on. 

Let the Watch Winder Works

Let the multiple watch winder works for the next 48 hours or so to know its performance. During this phase, you can check the watch to ensure whether they are still running accurately or not. You are using the correct setting if the watches are still accurate after two days. It means you can use the setting and don’t need to reset the watch winder anymore. 

The Common Issues and How to Solve Them 

How about if the watches are inaccurate after two days? It means you have to reset the watch winder. The first setting you can try is to increase the TPD and let the winder work for the next 48 hours. If you still face the same problem, try to set the winder to rotate clockwise only and wait until two days. Set the winder to rotate counterclockwise and recheck after two days if the time is still incorrect. The right multiple watch winder setting is when the watch is still accurate after two days and so.  

It takes time to set a multiple watch winder. Do the trials above to get the right setting. Then, use the setting anytime storing the watches. The right setting will keep the performance of your watches even if you don’t wear them.   

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