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Watch Winder Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a luxury watch collector, investing in a high quality watch winder Dubai is important. The device will help you keep your timepiece wound even if you haven’t been wearing it for a long time. If you are new to this device, here is everything you need to know about winders.

Watch Winder: What Is It?

Generally speaking, a watch winder is a device made to allow you to keep your watches fully wound. The device is self-winding. It is completed with a rotor that spins with the movement of the wearers. It is the spin by the rotor that keeps the mainspring wound active. 

Depending on the movement of the watch, how long an automatic timepiece will run when unworn is different from one device to another. However, most automatic watches available now will run from 42 – 60 hours before completely stopping. Make sure that you wind the timepiece manually if the device stops working before you put it in a winder. This is because a watch winder can’t work properly if your watch stops winding. 

How Does the Device Work?

A watch winder Dubai will rotate your watch slowly within the box. The device will allow you to get rid of the process of winding your timepiece manually. The tool can be a great Investment especially if you have multiple watches at a time and you like to rotate them. The watch winder will make it possible for you to avoid your watches completely dying when you are not wearing the devices. In this way, the potential damages on your precious timepiece can be minimized.

Understanding Turns per Day (TPD)

Turns per Day or simply called TPD is the number of turns per day needed by the internal rotor to keep your watch wound. The majority of mechanical watches need 500 to 800 PTD per day. However, some automatic watches are known to need more PTD numbers, even up to 1300. So, check the PTD numbers carefully before purchasing an automatic watch.

While many automatic watches wind in both directions, some others only wind in one direction, including counterclockwise and clockwise. A good watch winder should be programmed for TPD and rotation direction. This will make it possible for you to deal with these different requirements. Both PTD and rotation direction methods applied in watch winder Dubai will keep your timepiece wound properly. However, when it comes to time accuracy, the latter is better.

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